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Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 10:09pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah

Mission: S1E3: The Conflict and Resolution
Location: USS Cairo
Timeline: October 12, 2388 - 1500h

After the small skirmish with a Cardassian ship who opened fire on us, we learned that they thought we were lending aid to the Breen. It didn't last very long and the Cardassian's backed off when both the USS Melbourne and USS Sirus showed up to help. After that, they finished up escorting the last couple ships out of the area. They decided their mission was complete and decided to head towards Roosevelt Station for some minor repairs.

Leah sighed, she wondered what was going to happen next? she thought to herself as she entered her ready room. She sat down and noticed there was a message on her computer. She opened it up and read it, "You are being reassigned to Command Roosevelt Station, located near Ferengi Space. The USS Cairo, USS Melbourne and USS Sirus will be assigned as attached ships of Roosevelt Station." She read out loud as she read it, she sighed as she thought that General P'Trell was in charge of Roosevelt.

As she read further that the General has been reassigned back to Earth and they needed an experienced officer like herself to Command such a base. She sighed, she would have a meeting later on in the day with her Senior Staff as it would take a day or so to reach the station at their current speed.

After she finished she transferred the orders onto a padd and then decided she would try to catch some sleep while they were on their way back to the Station. This change would take some time to adjust but, she wouldn't question her orders.



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