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Arrival to Roosevelt Station

Posted on Sat Oct 14th, 2017 @ 7:00am by Colonel Roman Dagara & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton & Commander Jon Thompson & Brigadier General Katana Leah & Commander Soran & Commander Ajhiraa Zh'vaval & Commander Ala Ceeye & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Lieutenant Commander Kira Donaldson & Lieutenant Commander Airi & Lieutenant Commander Kristine Kleist & Lieutenant Kar & Lieutenant Holly Freize

Mission: S1E4: Cardassians, Breen, and Ferengi's...Oh, My...
Location: USS Cairo/Roosevelt Station
Timeline: October 14, 2388 - 0900h - MD1

Leah was sitting in her office when she heard Lieutenant Kar over the comm "Sir we have arrived at Roosevelt Station and all ships have begun docking procedures." Kar replied, "Understood." Leah replied as she stood up and walked out of her office and onto the bridge.

She turned to Commander T'Pai, "Open a multi-ship comm channel including the USS Melbourne and USS Sirus." Leah ordered.

"Aye sir," T'Pai replied as she tapped a few buttons. "Channels are open sir," She replied.

"Attention crew of the USS Cairo, USS Melbourne, and USS Sirus. We have been reassigned to Roosevelt Station where I will assume Command. All ships are now to be attached ships to the station. All crews will become one with Roosevelt Station, so once you're docked you will get your new assignments both crew and quarters. Please enjoy this time to get adjusted to station life as well as enjoy some relaxation after the last couple of missions." Leah stated as she looked around the bridge.

She looked at T'Pai who took that look to cut the comm channel. "Sir we have finished docking procedures and have powered down engines," Kar stated as Leah just nodded.

She looked at both Sergeant Major Ecton and Lieutenant Colonel Dagara. "Well, you all ready for some station life?" Leah asked with a smile.

Roman smiled "I am ready it will be nice to be on a base might actually try and get back to do some shifts with Medical as well so I can refresh myself in case we are in the field."

Felicia laughed "You would. I am looking to have a place for me and my family. It will be nice to be stationed in what area instead of travelling all over and never having a place where I will always be. Especially with Jerel travelling around at least he will have a place to come to for his family"

Meanwhile the crew started to leave the USS Cairo for the Station, some started to gather their things to be brought down to their new quarters while still keeping some of their belongings on the Cairo as the Cairo will be their main attached ship, the USS Melbourne has been redirected as the Marine ship and the USS Sirus as an Intelligence ship for covert mission due to the size of the ship.

Somewhere sad to be leaving the Cairo, but some were happy to be able to see some change and to a station. Leah had some mixed feelings as the Cairo has always had a place in her heart as it was her very first Command before being transferred what seems to different places before given the Cairo back as a Command. Now she's being transferred to a Nor-class station near the Ferengi border. But, at least the Cairo will be an attached ship so she's not totally losing her.

T'Pai was still on the bridge, "Sir reports have come in stating all crew has transferred to Roosevelt I'll be heading that way here in a few moments." T'Pai stated.

Leah nodded as she looked around the bridge looking at Roman and Felicia, "Well you ready?" She asked as she stood up from her chair and sighed as she looked around.

They both nodded their heads. Felicia in particular was happy with the move it was a stable place to raise her daughter and to ensure that her Family had a place to settle down and to unwind. She would have to determine what they would do at least for her daughter as she didn't want her to get bored of the travelling life or the earth life she had had.

With that they all left the Cairo for Roosevelt Station when they arrived she looked around as they all walked to Operations to relieve the General to head back to Earth for her new position there.


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