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Getting to know Roosevelt Station

Posted on Thu Oct 19th, 2017 @ 10:11pm by Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant Commander Ermias Semhar & Lieutenant Arta Heek & Lieutenant JG C'asha & Ensign Marri & Master Warrant Officer Shrihl Th'chilness & Staff Warrant Officer Malar Donn & Staff Warrant Officer Nausia Naurs & Warrant Officer Sazi Zh'qethehr & Chief Petty Officer Kemarrin & Petty Officer 1st Class Dominik Schwarz

Mission: S1E4: Cardassians, Breen, and Ferengi's...Oh, My...
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: October 14, 2388 - 1000h - MD1

Jon had made sure his belongings were in his new quarters, once that was finished he made his way to Main Engineering to check on some things and do his reports. After a few moments of walking down the corridor, he made it and walked in and walked towards his new office. He walked in and checked the desk and noticed a report sitting there. Picking it up, he began to read the report which was basically crew transfers both in and out.

He would have a majority of whole new crewmembers under him and that he's been officially promoted to the rank of Commander which was quite a jump but they knew that his hard work deserved it. He was also giving the position of Chief Engineering Officer due to his extensive experience and hard work.

Reading the list of crewmembers would read the following:

Lieutenant Commander Ermias Semhar; Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Arta Heek; Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG C'asha; Engineering Officer
Ensign Marri; Engineering Officer
Staff Warrant Officer Malar Donn; Communication Specialist
Master Warrant Officer Shrihl Th'chilness; Computer System Specialist
Staff Warrant Officer Nausia Naurs; Damage Control Specialist
Warrant Officer Sazi Zh'qethehr; Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
Chief Petty Officer Kemarrin; Propulsion Specialist
Petty Officer 1st Class Dominik Schwarz; Structural/Environmental Specialist

A few of the names were transfers from the Cairo so he recognized them, the others were completely new and would arrive here shortly if they haven't already arrived. There were also Engineering Officers that would be assigned to both the Cairo, Melbourne, and Sirus for when they would leave the station so there would be extra hands all the way around. This list was for the Roosevelt only. Maybe a few that would go in between the Cairo and Roosevelt depending on the mission.

Jon then picked up another report with the status of the Station as well as a full report of what has been done since they started working on the Station a few months ago to get it up to operational. There was still a lot more work to do but at least the major objects were completed and that Station can move on as normal.

The first one to come into the Office is Lieutenant Commander Ermias Semhar his new Assistant Chief Engineering Officer. "Have I come at a bad time? The door was open so thought I come check in." Semhar replied looking at him, Jon looked up from his reports and then motioned for him to take a seat. They began to talk as the others started to show up and he noticed as he glanced out unto the engineering area.

"Well it looks like everyone is here," Jon replied, "I might as well address you all at once," Jon replied looking at Semhar who nodded in reply.

They both stood up and walked out, "Attention Staff I would like to address you all at once so it will save a lot of time to devote to our work." Jon replied look at each of them.

"Some of you know who I am from the USS Cairo, while some of you are newly transferred or were already on the station. I am Commander Jon Thompson I been on the Cairo for the past 7 years. I will let you know my expectations of you all. I run a tight ship, but not so tight were you can't bring concerns or problems to me or my assistant." Jon began as he looked at each one of them trying to get a feel for them while he talked.

"I expect that each shift is covered and work to be done, also please work together when needed as there be a time where it takes more than one person to do the work. Please communicate with others so they know what has been done and what still needs to be done. I will have a list to all of you by the end of the day of what still needs to be done here on the station." Jon replied

"Some of you will be assigned to the attached ships, but while they are docked and repairs or not being made on the ships you are to work here on the Station to help the workload of the others here," Jon added as he turned to his assistant.

Who indicated he didn't have anything to add that he stated what was needed. "Any questions?" Jon asked as he looked at each one of them. "No sir," They all seemed to have replied in unison. "Very well you are free to get settled and have some R&R. We will start work tomorrow on the systems that still need to be worked on. Right now things are stable so don't really expect a whole lot to happen. I will keep an eye on things to make sure so if something does go wrong I can take action." Jon added.

"Aye sir," they all reply again in unison.

"Very well you'll all dismissed," Jon replied as they filed out of Engineering expect for a few that were already on the station that decided to keep working as they already had their relaxation for a while.

Jon and Semhar walked back to his office where they would talk and work out the duty roster together to give to the Colonel by the end of the day for her approval.


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