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Relieving the General

Posted on Sat Dec 2nd, 2017 @ 11:28pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah

Mission: S1E4: Cardassians, Breen, and Ferengi's...Oh, My...
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: October 14, 2388 - 1100h

Leah decided it was time to head to the observation lounge to officially take control of the station and relieve the General so she can catch the ship that is leaving for Earth for her new assignment. She left her quarters and walked down the corridor towards the turbo lift, she was only on a Nor-class Station one time when she was visiting DS9 a few years ago. Now she was in command of one which was slightly different than DS9 from what she has read in her reports about the station and what has been done to it to get it back to operational.

After a few minutes passed by she finally arrived at the observation lounge and looked around, it seemed larger than DS9's observation lounge. She spotted the General over near the far console, walking over she smiled, "hello General I have gotten orders to take reign of the station." Leah stated with a smile. General looked over and smiled, "I see you have arrived in one piece, I have read your last mission reports." Jhamal stated with a smiled while Leah nodded, "They realized they were no match for the Cairo with just their scouting ship plus with two other ships in the area kind of made them rethink. But, I don't that will be all we see with their boldness in their attacks." Leah stated with a sigh.

"I have to agree with you there, can't put anything past them," Jhamal stated with a sigh, she handed Leah a padd. Well, I received word the new Task Force Commander is Vice Admiral Zachary O'Connell who is a really good Officer and will help with the order in the Task Force seeing the new developments with the Breen and Cardassians as well as what's currently going on in the Inconnu Expanse. " Jhamal stated as Leah looked over the padd that contained the needed information.

"Any activity out of the Ferengi?" Leah asked as she knew how they were, they would try to profit from any conflict.

Jhamal shook her head, "Not that I have noticed but keep an eye on them as I wouldn't put it past them to try." She added looking at her.

Leah nodded, "will do, I probably send the Sirus to do patrol near the borders to gather intelligence." Jhamal nodded, "that probably be a good idea." She stated looking at her, "well I don't have anything else to report so If you want to do the change of Command so I don't miss my transport."

Leah nodded, as Jhamal started speaking, "Computer command change Alpha-Mega-224." Jhamal started. The Computer chirped, "Command change activated," the Computer replied. "Transfer Command from Lieutenant General Jhamal P'Trell to Senior Colonel Katana Leah." Jhamal stated waiting for a response, "Command change accepted, Senior Colonel Katana Leah stated your access code." Computer responded. "Delta-334-Alpha-55," Leah stated, "Command change has successfully been completed, Senior Colonel Katana Leah is now in Command." The Computer stated.

Now that was completed Leah looked around the Observation Lounge as well as the crew that was there who witnessed the transfer. She could see the hesitation on their faces and she understood how they felt. Over the next few days, she would take the time to talk to every one of them to help ease their hesitation and make things better with the transition.

Jhamal said her goodbyes and walked out of the Observation Lounge and headed for the transport, Leah sighed for a moment and headed for her Ready Room which was large compared to the one on the Cairo. She had some of her belongings brought to her ready room so she can make it more like home. She started to arrange her office the way she wanted and then sat down to begin working on some reports that needed to be done with the transfer along with going over crew rosters and seeing who was who. Since some of the crews from the Cairo, Melbourne, and Sirus were also going to be assigned to the station.

She just hoped everyone would adjust well to the changes and everything can run smoothly. She would also in the next couple of days send out the Sirus to patrol the border between Roosevelt Station and Ferengi Space to gather intelligence, to see if they were up to anything suspicious. After she was done with her reports she would call a Senior Staff meeting, which was going to be basically a meet a greet to get to know her Department Heads and get their insight on what's going on with the Station and the area. So, over the next few hours, she would work on her work.


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