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Operation Intell

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 8:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Airi & Brigadier General Katana Leah & Lieutenant T'pras & Lieutenant Nixx Zonar & Lieutenant JG Atovass Th'volrel & Ensign R'Terah & Ensign Vidzia Domul & Chief Petty Officer Vitor Alves & Petty Officer 2nd Class Taalah Hajjar

Mission: S1E4: Cardassians, Breen, and Ferengi's...Oh, My...
Location: Roosevelt Station/USS Sirus
Timeline: October 14, 2388 - 1400h - MD1


After Leah got done talking to the General before she left, she needed to send the Sirus on a mission, “Colonel Leah to Commander Airi please report to my ready room.” Leah stated as she sat in her new office. “On my way Colonel,” Airi stated over the comm channel. She started to make her way towards the Colonel’s ready room. She wondered what she could have wanted of here, she was still getting used to being assigned to a station and was about to have a meeting with her staff but, that would have to be put off for the time being.

Finally, Airi arrived in Observation and walked to the Colonel’s office and pressed the door chime. Leah looked up and noticed a tall slender Vulcan female in a grey uniform, “Enter.” Leah stated as she stood up as the doors opened up and Airi walked in. “Ah, Commander please come have a seat.” Leah ordered as Airi did so, “Sir, with all due respect I was about to have a staff meeting when you called me here. So can we just get on with what you wanted me for so I can be on time for my own meeting?” Airi stated with no show of emotion.

Leah raised an eyebrow and nodded, “very well.” Leah stated as she took a seat, “well along with your duties here on the station you will be placed in Command of the USS Sirus a Defiant-class Starship which is our Intelligence ship assigned to Roosevelt Station. I need you and your team to depart Roosevelt on the Sirus and head to the Ferengi/Breen Borders for some intelligence gathering and border patrol. I want you to gather all the information you can about the Ferengi’s activities. I have received some information that they are becoming a little more active than normal since the Cardassian’s attacked the Breen. We believe that they are looking for ways to make a profit in some way or another and we need to see what they are up to.” Leah stated looking at her.

Airi raised an eyebrow, “sir you want me to take command of the Sirus? I am just a simple Intelligence Officer.” Airi stated with some degree of shock/confusion to her voice without realizing it, Leah just nodded. “This is an important mission and I need the best in charge of our intelligence ship,” Leah stated as she handed her a padd with all the information about the mission and the activities of the Ferengi that they are aware of.

Air took the padd and studied it for a moment before replying, “When do you want us to depart?” Airi asked looking at the Colonel. “As soon as you can,” Leah replied looking at her.

“We will leave after my staff meeting so I can fill them in on the mission parameters sir,” Airi replied as she looked at the Colonel who just nodded. “Very well you are dismissed,” Leah stated looking at the Commander. Airi stood up and nodded to the Colonel then walked out of her office and headed back down to the Intelligence Offices to conduct her meeting which has changed slightly then what she had originally planned. Once her team was called to meet her in the meeting room, she entered and sat down and noticed her team impatiently waiting.

“I apologize for my lateness the Colonel called me at the last minute for an important mission,” Airi stated looking at them. “That’s alright Commander, things come up that can’t be helped,” Nixx replied as he sat there with a smile on his bright blue face.

Atovass looked at the Commander, “So what is this important mission we are to be sent on,” He replied kind of annoyed at being kept waiting so long. The rest just look at him with wide-eyed thinking he was bold to speak out of turn and so boldly. “Oh don’t look so surprised, at least I am brave enough to say something,” Atovass replied with annoyance at how the others were so bold to talk about the Commander behind her back but once she’s here they weren’t brave enough to stand up to her.

“You called us here for a meeting but, yet are late arriving without any word of being late. I don’t care if an Admiral called you personally you still should have the decency to let us know you are going to be late or postpone the meeting until you are free.” Atovass replied not caring about any consequences that might come his way.

Airi looked at him, “That is enough Lieutenant, I will speak with you privately about this but in the meantime let’s just move on to the meeting.” Airi stated as she pulled up a screen, “I have been given Command of the USS Sirus a Defiant-class Starship that has been assigned as an Intelligence Ship. We are to head to the Ferengi/Breen border to gather intelligence on the Ferengi’s activities.” She began as she handed them copies of orders and information that they had so far.

They all glanced at the padd in front of them, “When do you leave?” Taalah asked looking at the Commander. “We leave as soon as we get done with this meeting, we are also to do border patrol as well as our intelligence gathering.

Atovass, just rolled his eyes, “What do they expect us to find?” He asked thinking this mission was a waste of resources.

“Your attitude is enough Lieutenant, you are staying at the station to keep an eye on intelligence here on the Station.” Airi replied, “Very well Commander.” Atovass replied as he was even more annoyed than before. The others just roll there eyes and look back at the Commander, “We are to look for anything that they are up to, anything suspicious and that could cause issues.” Airi stated answering Atovass’ last question.

She looked at her team, “Any other questions?” Airi asked looking around the room. When no one answered she nodded, “Report aboard the USS Sirus, Atovass and Vitor Alves please remain on Roosevelt to help with intelligence here. We will transmit information to you as well as if you find anything you will contact us as well so we can check it out.” Airi stated as they both just nodded.

“You're dismissed,” Airi stated as they got up from their chairs and headed out towards the Docking Port where the Sirus was docked.

Airi stayed there for a moment to have a chat with Atovass and his attitude. Once they were done and he left as well she sighed before leaving for the Sirus herself, once she arrived and the ship was powered up they departed Roosevelt Station towards the Ferengi/Breen border.


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