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The new Base

Posted on Sat Jan 6th, 2018 @ 2:42pm by Captain Jerel Ecton & Colonel Roman Dagara & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton

Mission: S1E4: Cardassians, Breen, and Ferengi's...Oh, My...
Location: Roosevelt Station
Timeline: upon arrival

Lt Colonel Roman Dagara Marine and Executive Officer. This is not where he thought his life would have went. When he first joined the Marines he was in an experimental program that allowed him to become a Medic which he would keep on doing up until he took a posting on the USS Cairo.

He missed his days as a Field Medic but as he was getting closer to his ideal age for retirement and running after the soldiers and patching them up was a young man’s job. He hadn’t been happy for a long time as a Medic as it seemed each year he put himself further apart from the Marines and couldn’t seem to feel for his patients.

As he got older he felt that he needed a change and moving back to doing his duty as a Marine was far more interesting now then the idea of being the Marine Medic. This was where he was meant to be. His trainers had always told him that he shouldn’t have signed up for the program as a Medic and that he should have just carried on. Had he done it the other way he would have had his own command by now.

As he got off of his shuttlecraft that he had piloted onto the Starbase he felt a certain calm come over him. It had been quite some time since he had been on a starbase and he hoped that this place would become his home.

He grabbed his bag and began to walk to his quarters. He knew the way around this base as he had studied it very carefully. “Well Colonel, I hope you are happy here”

Roman had heard the sweet tones of the Ullian Felicia Ecton. She had a unique ability to size up a situation. He had known of her for many years as he was being trained. Part of the training to be promoted on to higher levels was that he had to take Intel course and he had met Jerel Ecton the trainer for Intel up until recently or so he had heard. “Of course Felicia it is nice to settle down” he turned to face the lady and instead saw two Ullians one with the grey hair and the rank insignia of a Captain. “Captain Ecton it’s been to long”

Jerel smiled something which few saw “No longer a Captain. I have handed in my retirement package and will be staying here with my wife. It has been a long time coming and I said if she ever got a position that was base duty I would retire and live out the rest of my life with her.”

Roman nodded “I hadn’t heard of your retirement, but I am glad you will be here as you will be with your family”

Jerel nodded “I will at that at least part of them. Our youngest daughter will be here but our sons are already out on their own. Unfortunately one is in the Delta Quadrant and we haven’t heard anything from him in quite some time. Last we heard he had been rushed to a hospital ship as he had been injured during a borg assault.”

The marine knew how it must have felt to not know if your family was safe. He had spent a long time thinking the same thing during the war with the Cardassians as his older brother had been in the conflict. His brother had never come home from the front lines and his older sister had also been injured during the conflict as she was a nurse trying to heal as she could. She had went MIA for a year but returned safely home to her loving family. Now she had four children and he was very pleased that she was just happy. She hadn’t returned to work after her first child had been born.

Roman admired the Ullian couple as they were still going strong as his relationships always fizzled out quickly. He had not wanted any attachments when he was in one War after another or on the front lines of whatever small conflict erupted between the Federation and whatever would be alien du jour was.

Jerel was unique in that he didn’t care what happened he stayed himself and he was capable of so many things. There were always rumours about him and what he had done throughout his life in Intel but there would be another time for that when they sat down for some drinks.

Felicia looked much younger than Jerel but she still showed some of the wear especially in her eyes. Roman didn’t know her that well but what he did he liked. She was a competent Marine who could manage through almost everything. Her mental acuity was legendary even if her telepathic abilities were weaker than most of her kind. From what he had heard she had an accident when she was younger so she wasn’t as powerful in that field as others.

“I hope you and and your family are happy here Captain” Roman said

Jerel nodded “It’s time you called me by my name Roman. I am Jerel, I no longer will be a Captain in StarFleet it is time people especially me got used to it.”

They all laughed “Colonel if you will excuse us we must go now as we have to get to our quarters and back here soon as our daughter will be joining us very soon and we need to make sure our quarters are all ready.”

Roman nodded “Nice to see you again Jerel and I will see you later Felicia I am sure we will have a meeting soon enough”


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