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The Unexpected

Posted on Thu Jan 18th, 2018 @ 11:47pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Lieutenant Commander Airi & Petty Officer 3rd Class Meng Ch'iu
Edited on on Sun Apr 1st, 2018 @ 12:34am

Mission: S2E1: Ponzi Scheme
Location: Roosevelt Station
Timeline: January 26, 2389 - 0800h - MD1

Several months have passed since she sent the USS Sirus out to patrol the Ferengi border. The repairs on the Cairo has been finished as well as an overhaul on some of the USS Melbourne's systems. The station still had its quarks but was staying operational thanks to the engineering team. It seemed like station life was getting easier and everyone seemed to have adjusted well. Now that it was a new year, she hoped things would go a little more smoothly then the last several months have gone. Leah sat in her office as her normal morning would start, drinking a hot cup of coffee.

She went over some reports as well as some schedule changes in some of the departments to rotate people around in shifts. Leah also looked at her schedule to see if she had any meetings with any of her staff today, but she had none scheduled, at least not at the moment, they could just request one throughout the day. But, most of her crew knew she didn't like to be bothered for an hour in the morning unless it was urgent. So she can do her needed reports.

Meng Ch'iu Leah's Yeoman rang the door chime, she didn't want to disturb the Colonel but she felt that this was important. She waited patiently for the Colonel to answer the door. Leah having heard the chime sighed as she looked up from her reports and towards the door. "Enter," Leah replied as the doors opened to reveal her Yeoman.

"This better be important Meng," stated Leah. "Yes sir," Meng replied as she stepped in and allowed the door to close behind her. "The USS Sirus has returned from its patrol and Commander Airi is requesting a meeting with you at your earliest convenience," Meng replied looking at the Colonel. Leah nodded, "tell the Commander that I will meet her in the Observation Lounge within the hour, and get settled." Leah ordered, "Aye sir." Meng replied as she left her office.

Leah wondered what information Commander Airi and her team were able to find out about the Ferengi. She worked on finishing her reports the last forty-five minutes. When she finished she placed them neatly on the side of her desk to be filed later on. Standing up she fixed her uniform, then walked out of her office and headed towards the Observation Lounge where her meeting with the Commander would start in fifteen minutes.

Walking in she noticed she hadn't arrived yet so she walked to the replicator and ordered another cup of coffee and sat down in the chair, waiting for the Commander to arrive.

Commander Airi was just finishing up some reports that she put together for the Colonel. When she finished she looked at the time realizing that she took longer than expected, she grabbed her padds and rushed out of her office and made a beeline for the Observation Lounge. When she arrived she entered, "sorry Colonel for my lateness, I was finishing up the reports." Airi stated looking at the Colonel.

"It's alright Commander, what have you found?" Leah asked, by the looks of her face or lack thereof she knew something must be astray.

Commander Airi handed her the reports as Leah begins to read the information when she finished she looked at her. "Are you sure? A Ponzi Scheme?" She asked out of bewilderment. "I am certain Colonel, the next padd contains the data on how the information was obtained," Airi stated as Leah looked, she sighed. "I am going to order the USS Cairo as well as the USS Melbourne to head to Risa, I would like the Sirus to watch the Ferengi undetected. If they are going to do what you say I want to spring a trap and catch them in the act." Leah stated as Airi raised an eyebrow.

"I'll explain more in the staff meeting what the plan will be. I would like you to start off the meeting with your findings." Leah stated.

"Aye sir," Airi replied, "when will the meeting take place?" She asked, "thirty minutes." Leah replied as she stood up. "Understood," said Airi as they both walked out of the Observation Lounge and went their separate ways.


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