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Urgent Meeting

Posted on Sat Jan 27th, 2018 @ 1:41pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Commander Jon Thompson & Commander Ajhiraa Zh'vaval & Commander Ala Ceeye & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Lieutenant Commander Kira Donaldson & Lieutenant Commander Airi & Lieutenant Commander Kristine Kleist & Lieutenant Holly Freize & Colonel Roman Dagara & Commander Soran & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton
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Mission: S2E1: Ponzi Scheme
Location: Observation Lounge - Roosevelt Station
Timeline: January 26, 2389 - 1000h - MD1

Colonel Leah had sent a message to the senior staff that there will be a mission briefing in thirty minutes. She had gotten her things ready then made her way to the Observation Lounge to await her staff. Leah couldn't get over the fact of a Ponzi Scheme going on between the Ferengi and Risa nevertheless. How could they fall for something like this especially trusting the Ferengi, she thought in the back of her mind. She sighed out loud as she got up and walked over to the replicator and ordered yet another cup of coffee. "So much for a smooth start to a new year," Leah said to herself as she shook her head, she walked over to the window and looked out thinking while drinking her third cup of coffee so far this morning.

Jon was working in Ops when he received a message from the Colonel about an urgent staff meeting in thirty minutes. He raised an eyebrow as he wondered what it could be about. He worked for the next fifteen minutes finishing some system upgrades that he was working on in Operations. It was tricky integrating new systems on an old Cardassian Starbase, but so far things were going smoothly. He was only doing small systems at a time so it wouldn't get overloaded. Once Jon got to a good stopping point he instructed his Deputy Chief that he would return and to keep an eye on the system to make sure nothing goes wrong and that to make sure it integrates smoothly. Once his Deputy Chief understood he left Operations and headed towards the Observation Lounge.

Once Jon arrived he entered and saw the Colonel standing by the window looking out. "Good morning Colonel," Jon said before taking a seat. Leah looked over to see who it was. "Hello Commander" Leah replied as she walked over and took her seat as well. "So how are things going with the new system updates?" Leah asked.

"They are going better than expected considering," Jon replied. "It also helps when doing small systems at a time so there isn't an overload," Jon added.

"Great, how long do you expect until all systems are updated?" Leah asked.

"I would say if there aren't any major setbacks, I would say a couple more weeks." Jon replied, "great." Leah replied with a smile, they continued to talk while they waited for the others to arrive.

Roman had heard for the urgent meeting and quickly brushed his uniform down so that it hung just right. He was a Marine and he loved to have his uniform looking pristine one never knew when you could be inspected. It was from being on the front where you could be requested at any time to show whatever your commanding officer wanted to see. He made it to the room. He nodded to the Colonel in a polite way and through a brief salute. He was old fashioned and he loved the salute more so now than when he was a youth watching the old movies and TV.

Felicia was with her husband when the order came in for an urgent meeting. He just smiled and mentally sent to her: I know we can't even get a few minutes together. Go, Darling, before the world falls apart without you:

Felicia laughed as it was an old joke that they had shared on those brief times when they had been stationed near the same place. It was always one or the other of them rushing off to do their duty leaving the other behind. This time it happened to be her but she knew he would at least be here when she came back as his retirement was now official.

"Hello Colonel and Sergeant Major," Leah said with a smile. "Help yourself to the replicator," Leah offered.

Dagara nodded "Thank you, Sir," he said and went to the replicator and quickly spoke "Bolian Tea Hot and Semi-Sweet" he waited while the replicator made his drink. During his time with the Marines, it was usually something much more stimulating to keep your mind active but he had a fondness for the tea.

Felicia nodded "Thank you, Sir. I am good" She went and sat down at the table and waiting to find out what was happening. She thought about risking it and starting a scan around the room with her mind but she knew with the number of people around here that could detect her mind it wasn't worth trying.

Commander T'Pai and Lieutenant Commander Donaldson, where the next ones to arrive and took their seats. Soon after Commander's Zh'vaval and Soran arrived, followed by Lieutenant Frieze, Commander Ceeye, Lieutenant Colonel Holms, and Lieutenant Commander Kleist. They all too their seats. Finally, Lieutenant Commander Airi arrived and took her seat and waited for the meeting to start.

Leah looked around the room once everyone had arrived. "You're all probably wondering why I have called an emergency meeting," Leah stated as everyone just nodded in response except for Airi who already knew. "We just learned some information about the Ferengi and what they are up to," Leah stated taking a breath before continuing. "But, I will have Commander Airi fill us in on the details." Leah finished turning the meeting over to her, everyone looked towards the older Vulcan women as she stood up.

When we were gathering information on the Ferengi's activities we were able to find out about a kind of Ponzi Scheme going on. The real issue is that it's taking place on Risa." Airi stated as everyone looked at her with a confused look. She pulled up the information up on the monitor in front of them. "Basically, what's happening is they are promising investments and getting latinum from the deal, but the investments are not real. If history serves me correctly 21st Century Earth dealt with a lot of these Ponzi Schemes as a 'get rich quick' and leave victims with nothing to show for and loss of revenue." Airi explained as everyone just nodded as they understood what a Ponzi Scheme was now.

When Airi was done explaining the information to everyone she handed it over to the Colonel for the second part of the meeting. "I am going to be sending the USS Cairo and USS Melbourne to head towards Risa, once there a few members of both ships will dress in civilian clothes and go down to the planet. We will act like we are on vacation." Leah said before she continued on, "both ships will leave the area out of their sensor range but still in communication range." She stated, "the USS Sirus will be cloaked following the Ferengi vessel watching their every move, they will inform us of their arrival." She added looking at her staff.

"The plan is to set them in a trap, we will be interested in their product, finalize a deal and hand over the latinum. By this time all ships will converge on the Ferengi vessel while security beams down and will take the Ferengi into custody." She stated, "I will have to have a meeting with the Officials of Risa as well as Task Force Command to see what the next course of action will be. The prisoner will be on the USS Melbourne in their secured brig." She stated, "will have more details after those meetings are complete." Leah ended.

"Any questions?" Leah asked looking at everyone.

"Who will be the ones to go down to the planet?" Colonel Holmes asked.

"I will have a list ready before we depart the station," Leah responded.

"When do we leave? How long will it take to arrive?" Commander T'Pai asked.

"The Ferengi vessel is due to leave in a couple days." Commander Airi started, "we will be leaving tomorrow morning at 1000h to give us a head start and will arrive the day after the Ferengi leaves, so about a couple days." Leah added.

"I will send an encrypted message once they are on there way and we depart following them," Airi added.

"Any more questions?" Leah asked.

"What would you like the Starfighter Unit?" Kliest asked looking at the Colonel.

"You will remain here at the station, doing your normal duties keeping an eye on things in the area," Leah replied while Kliest nodded in agreement.

"Also, Commander Thompson I am going to have you stay here to oversee the upgrades I would like you to send your Assistant Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Cairo in your place," Leah added looking at Jon who nodded as he would rather be the one doing the upgrades so that nothing goes wrong.

She looked at everyone, "any more questions before we dismiss?" Leah asked looking at both Dagara and Ecton who really haven't said anything as of yet.

Ecton slowly raised her hand "If we are going up against the Ferengi there are is something that people should know. I have had a few dealings with the Ferengi when they came to my homeworld trying to get some of us to partner with them with our memory retrievals and using that as a way to earn Latinum. Ferengi are impossible to read and the advantages that we would have using telepathic or empathic people will be non-existent"

Dagara nodded "Colonel that's a good point that we may not be able to use the telepathic abilities that we have with us to the extent which would work best. What orders do we have for the Ferengi if we catch them at this, can we use force?"

"Only if necessary, but I don't think they will try anything stupid with a Sovereign, Akira and Defiant-class ships surrounding them," Leah stated looking at both of them. Plus both Marines and Security will work together to take the ones on the planet to custody." Leah added as she stood up.

Dagara nodded "Understandable. I also want a telepath with each party if possible as they can speak mind to mind if we might, It might assist especially if either group gets into trouble"

"There will only be a few of us going down, I will have a list put together before we leave. Now if there is nothing else everyone is dismissed." Leah stated as she watched everyone leave to prepare for the mission. Since they were not leaving until tomorrow morning she decided to take a walk of the USS Cairo to see how her refit went.


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