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Check In or Checked Out

Posted on Tue Feb 5th, 2019 @ 8:14pm by Commander Tullos & Lieutenant Cenn Kitara MD

Mission: S1E1: Restructuring
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD01 15:00


Commander Tullos had spent the last bit in the operations center of the station, reviewing long range scans and helping with docking requests. So far everything was running pretty smoothly and the boss was in her office and the Commander decided he could take a quick trip around part of the station. Tullos figured it would be smart to get as familiar with the stations layout as he could, he would study the specs and deck layout extensively over the next few days. This would be an opportune time to meet the Chief Medical Officer and possibly complete his physical. As the Andorian Executive Officer entered the entrance to sickbay his antenna perked up as he looked around for the Doctor.

Kitara had been setting up her office when she heard the doors part.She entered the main ward of the infirmary and was met with the a curious looking Andorian. Immediately she recognized him. “Commander, what can I do for you today?”

"Ah Lieutenant" he said making his way toward her "I thought I would introduce myself and get my physical out of the way" he paused for a split second "if you have time at the moment of course."

Kitara looked nervous. " I can chat, but I won't have time for a physical today." She smiled, hoping he wouldn't press the topic.

The Commander frowned slightly, but went with it anyway "I am Commander Tullos, First Officer" he said officially and looked around the medical facility "nice med bay" he looked back into the Medical Officers eyes, his antenna wiggling slightly.

"I think it would've been more impressive when the Cardassians were running things." She absentmindedly started looking around the room in a daze.

"Possibly" the Commander replied and actually agreed with the Doctor, however he knew that Cardassian medicine was rather harsh to say the least. "However I'll take a Starfleet med bay anyday" the Commander way trying to be humorus and show his confidence in Starfleet Medical as well.

Kitara feigned a smile, and continued to empty boxes in her office. “How long have you been aboard Commander?”

"I arrived this morning" the Andorian replied as he watched the Doctor unpack "and yourself?"

"Only a few hours ago " The Doctor said, barely looking at the XO .

"Impressive sickbay" he was making a statement, but almost asking for the Doctors opinion as well.

She shrugged, "I've seen better." The woman seemed distant.

Tullos was having to practice some of his calming techniques, not only was this Doctor a little rude, but she was getting under his blue skin. "Well Doctor, let me know if there is anything you require."

“Understood.” The Doctor smirked and rounded the desk. She made a gesture to the door. “Thank you for stopping by Commander.”

Tullos gave a slight nod and made his way out of sickbay. He would schedule his appointment with the Chief Medical Officer, but would do that as soon as he could.


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