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Unexpected Guest

Posted on Tue Mar 13th, 2018 @ 10:25pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Commander Ala Ceeye & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Lieutenant Commander Kira Donaldson & Sub-Commander Dutir
Edited on on Sun Apr 1st, 2018 @ 12:36am

Mission: S2E1: Ponzi Scheme
Location: Roosevelt Station
Timeline: January 26, 2389 - 1700h - MD1

T'Pai received some sensor readings from what seemed like a small Romulan ship. She tapped her combadge "Commander T'Pai to Colonel Leah, can you report to Operations?" T'Pai stated in an urgent manner. "On my way," Leah stated as she left her quarters and made her way to Operations. Once she arrived she looked at the Commander, "What's going on?" Leah asked with a concerned look on her face.

"It seems we have some unexpected guest," T'Pai stated as she pointed to the view screen. Leah looked and raised her eyebrow, "What are the Romulans doing way out here?" She asked to no one in particular, "I am not sure Colonel but they are not armed or show any signs of hostility." T'Pai added as she scanned there ship.

Just as she was about to say something, the person on the other ship started communications first “Roosevelt Station, I am Sub-Commander Dutir of the Romulan Star Empire. I wish to open negotiations.”

"Hello, Sub-Commander I am Colonel Katana Leah Commanding Officer of Roosevelt Station. If you would like to dock at Pylon 3, we can meet face to face and talk." Leah stated calmly still wondering why they chose Roosevelt Station over any other station closer to Romulan space.

It took Starfleet only a matter of seconds to answer his hail, efficiency that Dutir found most impressive. “Dock Pylon 3 is acceptable. I look forward to meeting you Colonel Leah,” with that Dutir ended the communication before turning to his pilot. “Take us about Sub-Lieutenant. It's time to meet the locals”

Ten minutes later, the Chula had docked and Dutir stood to wait for the airlock to cycle. This was the most nerve-racking part of any First Contact, be it with a new species or just a new person. What you said first often determined the direction of your entire relationship with them going forward. To further ensure things went smoothly, he had traded in his duty uniform for a tailored suit consisting of a pair of black slacks, red and black partnered shirt and dark blue jacket. Finally, the door opened and Dutir walked through to meet the command staff of the station.

She told Kira to accompany her with a small security detail, as they made there way down to the docking pylons to meet with Sub-Commander Dutir. She thought to herself what more can come her way just before she is due to depart the station tomorrow morning. Once she arrived and the doors opened, "Welcome to Roosevelt Station Sub-Commander, I am Colonel Katana Leah and this is my Chief Security/Tactical Officer Lieutenant Commander Kira Donaldson." She stated as she formally introduced herself and her Security Officer.

"We can go to the Observation Lounge where we can talk, I'll have my Chief Diplomatic Officer meet us there," Leah stated as she already sent her a message beforehand to meet us there." She added as she started to lead the way through the station.

Dutir carefully examined his surroundings as they walked down the corridors. Starfleet for some reason had a strange tendency for repurposing Cardassian stations. Personally, he could not fathom why they bothered with facilities made from such inferior technology, but he would have to get used to it if he had any hope of completing his mission. “An interesting place you have here, Colonel.”

"I think so," Leah stated as they continue to walk through the station making there way to the Observation Lounge.

After a few minutes, the group had arrived outside the door to the Observation Lounge. “After you, Colonel.” said the Romulan with a dramatic gesture of his hand towards the door.

They walked in and was greeted by her Chief Diplomatic Officer, a few of the security officers stayed outside of the door and a couple on the inside as standard protocol for visitors during any kind of talks. "This is Commander Ceeye our Chief Diplomatic Officer," Leah stated as Ceeye extended a welcoming smile and extended hand towards Dutir. "Welcome to Roosevelt Station please have a seat," Ceeye stated as they all took a seat.

"So, what brings you all the way to Roosevelt Station? Isn't it a long ways from Romulan Space?" Ceeye asked out of curiosity.

Dutir shook the diplomat's hand before taking his seat. “I wish to open a Romulan Embassy,” Dutir said matter of factly. He brought his hands together in a pyramid and paused to allow his words to sink in.

Both Ceeye and Leah looked at each other with a raised eyebrow at the request. Leah then looked back at Dutir, "mind if I ask you reasoning behind this? Not that I am opposed to the idea, just wanting to know what you had in mind?" Leah asked looking at him.

Dutir gave a smile that he meant to be comforting but came off more as sinister. “The old days of isolation within the Star Empire are gone, Colonel. We are part of the galaxy now and we need allies just like everyone else. Due to our location in the Beta Quadrant, we have been cut off from the key resources here in the Alpha Quadrant such as the Bajoran wormhole. I aim to change that,” Dutir paused before locking eyes with Leah. “As well as to strengthen our relationship with the Federation.”

She nodded, as she looked at Ceeye. "What do you think?" She asked her most trusted Diplomatic Officer. This would be a good start in beginning a relationship with one of the Federations known nemesis of sorts. "I think it is a good step in the right direction. I don't think it be wise to deny such a request." Ceeye replied as a true diplomat. Leah looked back at Dutir, "I'll have Ceeye show you were your area will be, just have a list of staff that you will have here and I'll make sure they have all they need as well as yourself." Leah stated looking at him.

Dutir was surprised at her response, as he had prepared for a lengthy debate. “Thank you, Colonel. I’ll new an office suite with secure communication access, quarters for 8 individual quarters, a double accommodation quarters, and a three-room suite for myself.” Dutir rattled off to Commander Ceeye before turning to Leah. “Do you have dining facilities established here on this station at this time?”

Ceeye nodded at his request as she took notes, "We have a lot of shops as well as several restaurants here on the station to choose from. My personal favorite is the Skyline Lounge." Leah stated as she looked at him.

“Sounds interesting. Do you have plans tonight Colonel?” Dutir asked with a sly smile.

"Actually I do, I have to prepare for our upcoming mission as we leave station tomorrow morning. But I am sure Ms. Ceeye be available," Leah stated with a smile. "I'll take a rain check though," she added as to not to offend him for turning him down at this time. "This is a very important mission and need to get the ships ready and staffed etc," Leah stated to not go into much detail at this time.

Dutir nodded his understanding, “Raincheck accepted Colonel.” The Romulan would turn towards the diplomat. “What time would you like to dine, Commander?”

"We can go now and talk about the arrangements and other items." Ceeye smiled as she stood up as well as Leah. "Again, welcome to Roosevelt Station hope you will enjoy your stay," Leah said in a soft welcoming voice.


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