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Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 12:49am by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Commander Jon Thompson & Lieutenant Commander T'Pai & Lieutenant Commander Kira Donaldson & Lieutenant Commander Kristine Kleist & Lieutenant Kar & Colonel Roman Dagara & Commander Soran & Sergeant Major Felicia Ecton & Lieutenant T'la & Lieutenant Commander Ermias Semhar & Lieutenant Colonel Toraa Sh'avaahraq & Lieutenant Arta Heek & Lieutenant JG Abby Rodgers & Lieutenant JG Kira McCombs & Lieutenant JG Mala Tih

Mission: S2E1: Ponzi Scheme
Location: USS Cairo, USS Melbourne - Roosevelt Station
Timeline: January 27, 2389; 0900h - MD2

General Leah was already up and walked to Operations department where she entered her office. She needed to send out the assignments to those who would be assigned ships during this mission as well as those who would stay on Base. She sent the following information to everyone.


Please be aware of crew assignments for the ships that are departing the station, they are listed below:


Brigadier General Leah
Sergeant Major Ecton
Lieutenant Keir
Lieutenant Commander Donaldson
Lieutenant Commander T’Pai
Lieutenant Commander Semhar
Commander Soran


Lieutenant Colonel Holm
Major Sh’avaahrag
Lieutenant Rogers
Lieutenant Junior Grade McCombs
Lieutenant Junior Grade Tih
Lieutenant Heek
Lieutenant T’ia
-All Marines will be assigned


Lieutenant Commander Airi
Lieutenant Zonar
Ensign Zichy-Woinarski
Ensign Krevu
Lieutenant Junior Grade C’asha
Lieutenant Junior Grade Srusar
-Remaining of team will be assigned

The rest will remain on Roosevelt Station; Colonel Roman Dagara will be in charge as well as Commander Thompson who will be the XO. Starfighter Unit will be patrolling the area in rotations. Those that are assigned to the USS Cairo and USS Melbourne please report to your assigned ship no later than 0945h. Both ships will depart station at 1000h. Those on the USS Sirus will report to the ship no later than 0745h then the following day as the Sirus will depart at 0800h. Those who are remaining at Roosevelt Station to keep doing your everyday work and report to both Colonel Dagara and Commander Thompson.


Brigadier General Katana Leah
Base Commander

Once the message was sent she got up and started making her preparations for their departure. She walked out and seen the Operations department in full gear to get ready for the ships departures after they all received the message. “Sir, both USS Cairo and USS Melbourne are reporting that they will be ready to depart at 1000h.” Came the voice of T’Pai who had just gotten up as she was about to head towards the Cairo.

“Great,” Leah stated then turned towards Colonel Dagara and smiled. “You have the station while we are gone. We will keep you informed, but whatever you do, do not let our resident Ferengi know any information about what’s going on.” Leah ordered as she didn’t want to take any chances of our friend relaying any information to them if he had any contacts with them.

The Colonel simply nodded "Thank you Sir. I will keep her safe." he smiled and began to look at his PADD as he knew he would have to push things since they would be on a skeleton crew while a large portion would be away.

She nodded and set off towards the USS Cairo, as well as everyone who was assigned to their station. Once she arrived she just waited for everyone to check in with their perspective departments letting her know that they were ready.

Felicia made it to the ship with ease while still in mental conversation with her husband. It was good that she was going out as Jerel needed some time to get used to being a father again as well as being a civilian. USS Cairo was her station for this mission so she would be with the General her friend. As she got to the ship she knew she had longed for a chance of an away mission "Sargeant Major Felicia Ecton requesting permission to come on board the Cairo" She said into the communications console and waited for approval.

"Permission granted," Leah said then chuckled. "You will be my Executive Officer while on this mission." She added before she cut the communications and waited for others to report in.

"Sickbay is prepared and ready for departure" the Chief Medical Officer replied matter of factly.

Once everyone has checked in and all stations were a go she contacted the USS Melbourne. "USS Cairo to USS Melbourne your status?" Leah asked over the comm channel.

"We are ready to go," Colonel Holm replied.

"Very good start procedures to disembark from the station Colonel Holm," Leah ordered then cut the comm channel. She looked towards T'Pai open a channel to Roosevelt Station." Leah ordered as T'Pai just nodded, "Already established sir." T'Pai said as she already anticipated what she was going to say.

"USS Cairo, USS Melbourne asking permission to disembark from Roosevelt Station," Leah asked. "USS Cairo, USS Melbourne this is Roosevelt Station you are clear to disembark. May God speed General, Colonel." Stated the Operations Officer station on the base.

She then looked at Lieutenant Kar, "break mornings and slowly pull away from the station at 1/4 quarter impulse. Once at a safe distance take us to maximum warp towards Risa." Leah ordered Kar just nodded and started the procedure. The docking clamps on both ships were removed and both the USS Cairo and USS Melbourne started to move away from the station.

Leah watched as they both started to move away from the station and once they were clear Kar entered the coordinates and then looked at the General who just nodded to give the word engage. At that point, both the USS Cairo and Melbourne jumped to warp heading towards Risa. They would arrive early in the next morning when the Ferengi ship, as well as the Sirus, would be departing.

She sat down in her chair and just looked at Felicia and just smiled as it was good to be back on the Cairo again even though it would be for the mission. She still missed being on the ship.


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