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Working out the Details

Posted on Sun Apr 1st, 2018 @ 9:42pm by Brigadier General Katana Leah & Commander Ala Ceeye & Sub-Commander Dutir

Mission: S2E1: Ponzi Scheme
Location: Roosevelt Station
Timeline: January 27, 2389; 0800h - MD2

Commander Ceeye was sitting in her office going over reports and other things. She was asked to stay behind and help with their new friends aboard the station. She would be their point of contact and help while they are here. She was expecting Sub-Commander Dutir to arrive at any minute so they can discuss the arrangements more in detail. She knew where the Embassy would be and had an Engineering team ready to go to help with the many adjustments it would need to be fully operational as that section wasn't on their priority at the moment but since it will now be in use Commander Thompson has agreed to assign a team to it.

Ambassador Dutir walked down the corridors flanked by two of his Reman bodyguards, Lieutenants Vrimek and Ninatek. While this station was far from physically impressive, its location made it perhaps the most important facility in the Star Empire. From this old station, he could form long-lasting and vital alliances with the Ferengi, Cardassians and the Federation. If he was careful, he could save his people from this floating junk pile. The Romulan arrived at the office of the Federation’s diplomatic officer’s and pressed the chime.

"Enter," Ceeye said as she looked up to see that it was the Sub-Commander that arrived. "Welcome, I hope your first night on the station was to your liking. I know new places are always hard to get used to but I hope they were still to your liking." Ceeye stated with a smile as she always seemed to care about others well being. Her parents wanted her to become a Counselor but she liked Diplomatic's better.

Dutir flashed a smile that was somehow both friendly and ominous. “Unfortunately I was unable to fully experience your station. My Chief of Security was unable to verify that the quarters you provided me were secure until this morning. I do thank you for the efforts. How are your preparations for my embassy coming? Centurion Siotrik needs access as soon as possible.”

She looked at him, "Well that area was the last of our worries when getting systems online and everything operational. But, I have engineering working on getting that area fully operational and it should be all ready by early tomorrow morning." She staited wishing she could speed up the process. "That was the only area that no one wanted either a shop or a restaurant and is really the only space large enough that meets your requirements," Ceeye added with a smile.

Dutir let his frustration show,“I’ll send my personal engineer, Lieutenant Andoth, to assist your men. I will also send some members of my Reman security force to ensure the security of the facilities. I must have my offices ready tonight.”

Ceeye sighed at his demeanor, "Does your engineer know Cardassian technology? I mean were in the process of transferring everything to Federation but that in itself is time-consuming." She stated as she pressed a smile. She thought for a moment before continuing, "If it will make you happy then I don't see why it would be a problem. I'll inform the Engineering team of the arrivals." She sighed as she talked this wasn't going the way she hoped but when do things go as planned.

Dutir bowed, “That is much-appreciated Commander. I understand how difficult your job is. I would not put such pressure on you unless it was of vital importance.” The ambassador paused before speaking again. “Unfortunately, I do have one more request.”

She nodded, "What would that be Commander?" She asked as she tilted her head just a tad in curiosity. She wondered what more he could want.

“A freighter will be arriving at 2000 hours and I request it be allowed to dock at a secured docking bay and that the corridors between the docking bay and embassy be cleared. I know that it is a difficult request but a man’s life depends on it.” Dutir said in a serious tone.

She gave him a weird kind of look like she was a bit confused, "care to explain?" She asked, "I would have to have that cleared with the General before she departs the station." She stated looking at him with a bit of confusion, though she knew the General wouldn't mind but she still had to go through the channels before authorizing anything like that.

Dutir was visibly uncomfortable having to explain. “Do you know what a Unificationist is?”

She could sense his uneasyness, "What is said here will not leave this room, will just need a just as a reason to give to the General as to why there will be a freighter docking and so forth." Ceeye stated as she looked at him. "I can't say that I am familar with it." She admitted.

Dutir took an uncomfortable breath. “The Unificationists are a group of my people who believe that the Romulans and the Vulcans need to unite as brothers in order to progress both of our societies. These views are considered subversive against the Star Empire. As such, they are persecuted by the Tal’Shiar. A member of the Unificationists reached out to me and requested my aid.”

She nodded, "I'll see that request is granted, give me one moment." She said as she stood up and opened up a private link to the General. She explains his request without indulging too much information. After a few moments she turns, "The General has approved the request and offers security personnel to make sure things go smoothly. Don't worry I didn't indulge what wasn't needed." Ceeye stated looking at him. "All I said was very important people are coming to meet with you." She said as looked at him hoping he be satisfied.

Dutir was pleasantly surprised. “Thank you, Commander. You just saved the life of a person you never met. If there is anything I can do for you just ask.”

"Commander were not all bad people we want peace as much as the next person. We don't like taking lives unless it's absolutely necessary. We definitely wouldn't condemn people to die because they want peace as well." Ceeye stated looking at him. "I know what war is like," she added referring to her race and being in the Bajoran Occupation.

“War is so much easier when the enemy isn't your neighbor.” For a moment, Dutir let a look of unrelenting sorrow show before he regained his composure. “I am pleased to have met another soldier of peace this early in my mission.”

She nodded, "It's my pleasure Commander," Ceeye stated with a soft smile. "Is there anything else that you need?" She asked as she looked at her schedule.

“That is all Commander, thank you. If you don't mind I have a lot to do.” Dutir said before bowing his head one more time and headed out of the office.

Ceeye nodded as she watched him leave, she sighed as she contacted the engineering team down in the Embassy to inform them of the changes and just to work peacefully together they didn't need any hostilities. She went back to work once that was done as well as informing security to block off the corridor from the docking pay to the Embassy at 2000h and have security station at each section to make sure everything would go smoothly. 'This is going to be a very interesting assignment,' she stated to herself as she just went back to work filing reports and other things that needed to be done.


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