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Cat Fight

Posted on Sun May 6th, 2018 @ 11:36pm by Sovac & Alket & Sub-Commander Dutir

Mission: S2E1: Ponzi Scheme
Location: Promenade - Roosevelt Station
Timeline: January 27, 2389; 1000 - MD2

Sovac a small Ferengi was always looking to see if there were new people on the station and he saw one that peaked his interest. "A Romulan, how quaint," he stated to himself as he laughed. "Maybe I can get him on my side, I should get him to come to my bar and we can talk business." He said to himself.

Meanwhile, right across the way, there was a Cardassian tailor who was always looking for customers to buy his work. "Ah perfect new people here on the station." He said as he smiled, "a Romulan to boot my specialty." Alket stated as he began to walk over to him to be neighborly and welcome him to Roosevelt Station.

Sovac noticed this, "I don't think so Cardie" Sovac stated out loud. "I saw him first," Sovac stated as he tried to walk faster to get to Dutir. "Who would want to do business with someone like you. At least I can say I sell clothes as well as tailor honestly, unlike you." Alket spat as they made their way to the Romulan.

"Watch it, I am not dishonest," Sovac said though he was lying through his teeth. "Sure, you expect me to believe you Sovac. Anything to make a profit whether it's legal or not." Alket shook his head, as he kept walking until he reached the Romulan.

"That's what you think...." Sovac started then was cut off once they arrived at where Dutir was. "Hello, welcome to Roosevelt Station I am Alket the stations tailor if you ever want some clothes altered or even new ones made," Alket stated with a smile as he extended his hand towards him.

Sovac just glared at Alket, "Oh this is Sovac our not so trustworthy bartender at Sovac's Bar right next to my shop." Alket stated with a glare. "I'll take offense to that Alket." Sovac said as he piped up. "If you ever want to come to my bar to have a few drinks the first one will be on me and we can just chat," Sovac stated as Alket laughed. "Ya I am sure that's all that you will do, you will come up with a way to sell him something illegal." Alket spat with a laugh.

"One of these days Alket..." Sovac stated "one of these days what?" Alket asked as Sovac just shook his head as he would rather not say at least not in front of their new friend.

Dutir could not but help smile as the two men bickered in front of him. This is what made life outside of the Star Empire so interesting, there were so many different species interacting with each other. He would never have gotten this if he had stayed at the embassy on Khitomer. The Ferengi and Cardassian had argued the entire time he was reflecting and it was time for it to end.

The Romulan first attempted to silence them by simply raising his hand, but that failed. So he tried the next thing he could think of, he brought his fingers to lips and me out a piercing whistle. Suddenly the entire Promenade was staring at him.

They both looked at each other for a moment then looked back at him. "Sorry about that..." Sovac and Alket said at the same time. "So where was I....Oh ya welcome to Roosevelt Station." Alket stated as he smiled widely as he just gave Sovac a glare. Sovac just shook his head, "yes welcome." Sovac mummered after Alket.

Dutir waived them off. “That’s quite all right gentlemen. I want to patronize both of your establishments. Whose is the closest?”

They both looked at each other, "mine is right over there." Alket said before Sovac spoke up. "No mine is closer by a few inches, right over there," Sovac stated pointing to his.

Dutir pinched the ridge of his nose in annoyance and bowed his head to cover his mischievous smile, “I guess I'll just have to take my business to the Klingon restaurant and use the replicator for my clothing needs.”

They both looked at each other than at Dutir, Sovac shrugged "your loss," he said before he walked off. Alket just raised an eyebrow, "well my door is always open if you should change your mind." Alket replied as he to began to walk back towards his shop mumbling under his breathe towards Sovac.

Dutir fought to hide a devious smile, “I wouldn't be surprised if your businesses close down soon as you obviously don't have an eye for business. I just opened a Romulan embassy here on the station, meaning that a number of my people will be visiting. A large number that might have used your services, but not now.”

Sovac and Alket stopped and turned around, "tell you what how about you and your friends come into Sovac's Bar and the first 5 rounds will be on Alket here." Sovac said with a smile while Alket was about to say something and thought better of it and came up with a plan himself. "I'll make you and your friends all knew clothes and they will be the courtesy of Sovac here," Alket said with a smile. Sovac looked at Alket as he smiled and just nodded in agreement.

Things went on from there while they talked to try to get the new Romulan Ambassador to give them another chance.



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